founderA.M.Sivasankara Mannadiar, the founder Manager of Basic Training School for Women, Koduvayur was born on 17th May 1914 in Koduvayur in Palakkad district. His father, Malu Mannadiar was the Manager & Headmaster of Higher Elementary School in the village. His mother was late Parukutty Mannadisyar. After completing secondary education and teacher training course, he joined as teacher in the higher elementary school run by his father. After the demise of his illustrious father in 1934, he was compelled to don the mantle of Manager and Headmaster of the school at the young age of 20. He bravely took the challenges of those two demanding offices and left no stones unturned to create wonders in making the educational institution under his control as the foremost primary school in the region. In order to perpetuate the memory of his scholarly father , he rechristened the school as 'MALU MANNADIAR MEMORIAL SENIOR BASIC SCHOOL' (MMMSB School). With the patronage of the local heads and by eliciting the support of the fellow teachers and the departmental authorities, he spearheaded the campaign to make the school as numero one in the whole district both in terms of number of students and teachers and the quality of education provided in the institution. He paid special attention for the upliftment of minorities and downtrodden classes and a lion's share of the student population in the school was from the Muslim, OBC & SC communities. A great visionary as he was, he founded in 1946, the Basic Training School, Koduvayur exclusively for Women to provide job opportunities for educated women and also to meet the growing demands of teachers. The busy work schedule associated with the management of MMMSB School, Basic Training School and the burden of duties as Headmaster of a large Senior Basic School did not deter Sri. Mannadiar from launching yet another school - a lower primary school - known as VJBS in Vadakkumpadam, a little known backward area near Koduvayur at that time. The school was opened on October 2nd 1955. Later, one crèche namely 'SANTHOSHKUMAR MEMORIAL SISUVIHARAKENDRA' was also opened up attached to that school for the care of the tiny tots of that area. He was a true patriot and a great social worker. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan and Lord Ayyappan.

In recognition of his meritorious service to the community as teacher in 1963 he was awarded the State Award for Primary teachers by the Government of Kerala. In 1965, the Central Government endowed him with the prestigious National Award for Primary teachers. He considered the moment of receiving the award from the then President of India Dr. S. Radhakrishnan as the greatest moment in his life as the reverd the scholarly, teacher turned President ardently. The report of the activities of the school presented by him before the elite audience at the award giving ceremony was well lauded by one and all.

He retired from service on 31.5.1974 at the age of 60 and continued to serve the community in manifold ways by managing the educational institutions and engaging in devotional activities. He breathed his last on 9th March 1998. The educational institutions inherited, founded and managed by AMS MANNADIAR are presently well managed by his sons & grandsons and it I heartening to note that all of them are striving hard to keep the reputation earned by AMS MANNADIAR intact in future also.

Sri. M.S.Malunarayanan Former Manager - AMSMM TTI (w) Koduvayur


Basic Training School was started in Koduvayur in 1946 for imparting teacher's training to aspiring women candidates. The high demand of qualified teachers at that time and the desire for bring ladies to the main stream by providing job opportunities to them prompted Sri.A.M.S.Mannadiar to give shape to the school. Shortly after the school was launched, he appointed Ky.K.S.Sarada Devi, a fresh BT hand as the teacher of the new school and soon, the school had a vibrant, enthusiastic untiring, uncompromising and utmost disciplinarian at its helm. Ky. Sarada Devi had become a synonym with the institution. The school prospered into dizzy heights of glory in no time and the name of the school was spread all over the State. Parents from the length and breadth of the state made bee-line before the school for getting their children admitted to the school for shaping them to well educated, disciplined and cultured primary teachers. Basic training in letter and spirit were imparted to the trainees. Discipline was the watchword in the institution. The immaculate management prowess of A,M.S.MANNADIAR, the manager and the unmatched highly devoted stewardship of Ky.K.S.Sarada Devi, the Headmistress had made the Basic Training School as one o the best Teacher Training School, in the State. This fact is well acclaimed by the students, parents and departmental authorities alike. The Manager and Headmistress worked in tandem to bring glory to the institution. Ky.K.S.Sarada Devi was awarded the State Award for best teachers in 1972 and she was instrumental in all the major community activities n the area. She was left behind her a strong imprint in the school. Her successors have also treaded through the path shown by her.

Sri. Malu Narayanan, the eldest son of A.M.S. Mannadiar who inherited the Management of the School from his illustrious father had also tried hard to carry on the good work of his father and managed the school well during his tenure.

The name of the school has been changed in 1999 and presently it is known as A.M.S.MANNADIAR MEMORIAL TEACHER TRAINING INSTITUTE FOR WOMEN, KODUVAYUR. This T.T.I has all the modern facilities as per the norms prescribed by the GOVERNMENT and NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR TEACHER EDUCATION (NCTE). It is being well managed. The dedicated teaching staff &non-teaching staff of the school are also striving hard to maintain the standards set up by Ky.K.S.Sarada Devi. The school can boast of very good results in Public examinations all throughout its existence till date..

Full front View of the AMSMMTTI Koduvayur along with Manager, Principal and staff members.

Sri. M M Sivasankar  Present Manager